1. PiS szykuje ustawę. Kto nie płaci abonamentu, zaraz zapłaci. Na co? Na DTV, Pereirę i zniszczone Opole w Toruniu. Ktoś gotowy do bojkotu?

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    Noooooooo. I'm sorryz

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    It's best to keep baby out of the sun, but if a 5 month old is in the sun I would recommend to use sunblock

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  5. "Hey Adam Silver? Its LeBron. I'm gonna need new officials for the 2nd half. 4 fouls is unacceptable for one month...but one HALF? Yeah..."

  6. This guy knows when he's being pranked lol he won't drink the coffee.

  7. Olivia's mother posted this on Facebook, god all I wanted was a happy ending for her story why is the world horrible

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  9. All Mine~~~ pogi ni amberrrr huhuhu via

  10. Just a harmless coffee offer from Liv, no tricks here…